Pour Tour & More

PTM is an app offering local experiences. It allows people interested in sharing their world to earn money, and curious people to get localized in 3 hours or less.

Get Localized

Discover the place they know best. Share the beverage they love most. And listen to their stories.

The Pour: partake in your host’s favorite beverage.

The Tour: your host will invite you on a tour of their home, business, and/or surrounding area.

The More: expect to hear great stories, local recommendations, and even begin a lasting friendship.

Schedule your PTM Experience!

PTM Experiences are 3 hours or less and are made up of 3 parts to get you localized. The 1st is The Pour, the 2nd is The Tour, and the 3rd The More. The combination of which gives guests an experience of a new taste, new place, and new people. Use Pour Tour & More to find the perfect local experience in the place you want to visit.

For Hosts:

To host a PTM Experience is an opportunity to share your world and meet curious new people, and make money in the process. This can be done in three main ways: a Home Tour, a Business Tour, or a Walking Tour. You are also welcome to combine these types of tours for a more complete local experience. All tours are limited to 3 hours or less in duration, and must include a beverage. This can be a host favorite, even if it’s not produced locally.

For Guests:

As a guest on a PTM Experience, you’ll be invited to taste the local experience in a way that conventional tourism can’t match. You’ll hear first-hand from the people who live and do business in an area about life in that area. You’ll try a beverage they love, maybe at the very place where it’s produced. You’ll connect with the people, the area, and the stories, getting localized in a unique way, in 3 hours or less.

featured experiences: