Where Did You Get That Impression? PTM Newsletter Issue #2

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Historic Newburgh Waterfront with Mike

Where Did You Get That Impression? PTM Newsletter Issue #2

Visit the beautiful revitalized historic Hudson river waterfront in Newburgh, NY, about 90 mins north of NYC!

Mike will guide you on a brief stroll along the river and share with you his insights and recommendations for local hotspots and historical places, including the Headquarters of our most famous commander-in-chief, various art galleries, bistros, pubs, an independent film center, and much more!

Snap some river-view selfies and conclude with your choice of outstanding locally produced beverages. Options include craft beers and ciders from Angry Orchard and Newburgh Brewery, among others.

Whether you’re a foodie, natural-lover, history buff, or just curious about great places, this one is not to be missed!

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App News

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Community News

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Tip & Tricks

TIP #1:

Even if you already offer tours, and even if you don’t charge for the ones you already offer outside of PTM, we suggest you take something you would usually charge for, include it with the tour, and reflect that in the price.

For example, if you’re a maple syrup producer that offers free tours, but has a shop where guests can purchase your syrup, let’s say for $10, then create a PTM Experience that includes a free bottle of syrup and charge $10 for the Experience. This way you don’t have to rearrange your pricing structure, but you also get the promotional benefits of being listed on our platform.

TIP #2:

No matter who or where you are, the regular daily stuff you do could be foreign and interesting to someone else. What makes your home, business, or community familiar to you makes it interesting to someone else.

Try to notice the things you care about in day to day life, your view, your garden, your workspace, and consider how you might describe these things to a curious visitor.

Envision what beverage you might share with them to introduce them to the flavor of your day to day experience; let them feel what it feels like to be you and care about what you care about.

Then create a PTM Experience offering exactly that! Simple! Android | iOS

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