Happy Valentine’s Day from Pour Tour Amour! PTM Newsletter Issue #3

Featured PTM Experience

Trustwork Bellevue, Washington

Happy Valentine's Day from Pour Tour Amour! PTM Newsletter Issue #3

This week we’re grateful to feature ANOTHER PTM Experience from real estate powerhouse turned tech startup, Trustwork!

This time the fun takes place at their Bellevue, Washington site.

Analyst, Colin, is offering a half mile walk through town to the very headquarters of Trustwork! With a fine coffee from Bellden Cafe in hand, feel the hustle and bustle of an exciting new startup all around you, while Colin shares insights about Trustwork’s history and future, the founder Peter Rex, and why he loves to work there.

After you’ve fallen in love with the company and what they stand for, pick up some Trustwork merch, which will also be available!

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App News

Here’s the latest! A minor update with major consequences will be dropping soon. We’ve decided to expand PTM Experiences to include those up to 3 hours in length! This is huge because it invites a variety of other hosts that previously might not have been able to fit everything they do into the former one hour limit.

With this update, you can also expect to see minor adjustments and bug fixes.

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Tip & Tricks

Tip #1

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Tip #2

The app now supports fractional distances, less than 1 without a leading zero.

What are we talking about?

Let’s say you have a PTM Experience of 0.6 miles in length. Previously, if you entered ‘.6’ as the PTM Experience distance, this wasn’t supported, you had to enter ‘0.6’, but now you can use either!

Tip #3

Keep the feedback coming! We love to hear how we can best enable you to share your world and/or get localized. As you see, we listen and adapt, and are here to support you.

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See you next week!

-PTM Team