New York State of More! PTM Newsletter Issue #4


New York State of More! PTM Newsletter Issue #4

Featured PTM Experience

My Happy Place

New York State of More! PTM Newsletter Issue #4

The featured PTM Experience this week is “My Happy Place”, hosted by Paul!

Hear about what makes his town special, and get local recommendations for what to do in this eclectic town that is simultaneously sleepy, charming, and teeming with vibrant life.

New Paltz, NY, is a college town, home to a bountiful variety of world-class restaurants, and just minutes from lush forests and mountains.

This brief 30-minute / 12-block journey begins at an entrance to the historic Rail Trail and continues to Bacchus Restaurant & Bar where the recommended Pour is Paul’s personal favorite, Xingu Black Beer from Brazil.

If Brazilian beer is not your speed, don’t fret! There are a TON to choose from!

From there, the PTM Experience will continue with a stroll through downtown New Paltz.

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Community News

New York State of More! PTM Newsletter Issue #4

This week we recognized #NationalDrinkWineDay and in particular some of NYC’s very own local urban wineries.

Did you know the there are wineries in NYC?? Check out this great article from Thrillist for details on that whole scene. There are many great experiences to be had if you’re in town.

Tip & Tricks

Tip #1

If you’re an online entrepreneur (web-trepreneur? online-trepreneur? #momtrepreneur?), such as an Etsy maker, or a host of other sorts of web-driven local experiences, then you understand how the marketplace works.

Take a moment and consider how what you’re already doing might be applied to our model and add another web-based income stream to what you already know and love.

Why not invite visitors in to see how you make custom jewelry, or take folks around to see the eateries that inspire your YouTube channel?

Tip #2

What’s in your home that you’ve really put time into?

Are you a media producer, personally or professionally, with a setup people really should see? This can be a PTM Experience!

Maybe you’re an avid gamer, software developer, or day trader with a sick battle station. We would love to see it!

Company & App News

Coming Soon! is getting a makeover! Check back for the new look and updated merch store soon!

Also, under development is Version 2 of the PTM app (Android/iOS)! We’ve got a lot of new features and usability improvements in the works, so stay tuned!

New York State of More

You may have noticed that our social media posts have been focusing more on NYC lately. (Thanks for noticing!) We’re a generally Northeast-based company (many of us are from New York), to begin with, but doubling down on The Big Apple is a strategic move. We want to pick up early adopters and trendsetters to grow our PTM Experience inventory quickly and innovate based on the feedback from the innovators that are the beating heart of this cultural center.

You hear that, New Yorkers! We love you! And we need you!

We’re still available throughout the US, of course, so don’t let our shift in advertising focus deter you. If you have a passion to share, we’re here to help you grow it into a business. If you already have a business, we’re here to help you take that business to the next level, no matter where you’re located in the US.

The Socials

As always, find us on all your favorite socials and don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re very friendly. I promise.


See you next week!

-PTM Team

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New York State of More! PTM Newsletter Issue #4