Spring is Coming (Founder’s Edition)! PTM Newsletter Issue #5

Check Out the New Website Renovation!

Spring is Coming (Founder's Edition)!  PTM Newsletter Issue #5

Featured PTM Experience

Downtown Arlington Walking Tour with Spiced Almond Beverage

Spring is Coming (Founder's Edition)!  PTM Newsletter Issue #5

The featured PTM Experience this week is “Downtown Arlington Walking Tour with Spiced Almond Beverage”, hosted by Harry!

What is a spiced almond beverage? What are the best places to visit in Arlington, TX? Is there great art there? Harry is passionate about food and ready to tell you what he loves most about life around Downtown Arlington, TX.

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Community News

Spring is Coming (Founder's Edition)!  PTM Newsletter Issue #5

The PTM St. Patrick’s Day themed design above is available now in kelly green in the merch store while supplies last. Cheers! This Sunday as many of you may know is St. Patrick’s Day and I am very much Irish-American. Both of my grandparents emigrated to the USA from Dublin during the Great Depression and resided in Inwood, Manhattan for many years before purchasing land and building a house upstate. So I decided this week’s PTM Newsletter will share some St. Patrick’s Day-related info.


Tip & Tricks

Tip #1

Take a moment and consider how what you’re already doing might be applied to our model and add another web-based income stream to what you already do, know, and love. For instance, business owners could offer a 45 minute vip PTM Experience to their customers. Check out the app and see some of the examples. Let your mind wander and come up with the perfect offering.

If you’re a business owner and decide to host a PTM Experience on our app, we would recommend including your business name in the title and some form of branding in at least the default pic, if not all three of them. This will give your business a form of free advertising to anyone browsing the app. This free advertising, of course, will be in addition to us promoting your PTM Experience and therefore business on all of our social media outlets.

Not to mention, we will, at least for the time being, include your PTM Experience and business in one of our paid advertising campaigns. Impression results from your PTM Experience campaign will be emailed to you upon conclusion in order to keep you in the loop and show you we’ve got your back. Your success is our success!

Tip #2

Now, this tip applies to the business owners referred to in Tip #1. In addition to The Pour & The Tour, you may want to think about including presales and PTM exclusive offers/discounts in The More section of your PTM Experience. This will compliment your story, which wonderfully connects the guest to both you and your brand.

Host’s stories are at the core of the Pour Tour & More Experience. They bring the guest into your world and really serve as a cornerstone of them getting localized!

Whether it’s the story behind how you started your business, your journey along the way, the product you sell, the history of the town/city your business is located in, or any combination thereof, sharing your stories with others not only builds brand connection, but brings people together.

Company & App News

Website Makeover is Complete & Merch Store is Live!

The website upgrade is complete. Peep out the new look, download the app, and create an account in under a minute. Shout out to Thomas G. Henry aka TGH on his hard work in making the new look a reality. If you didn’t realize, TGH was also the person responsible for the PTM Newsletter issues #1-4. I, Thomas S. Reynolds (PTM founder) aka T-Bless haha, have taken over for at least this addition of the newsletter in order for TGH to work on the second version of the app. And I can tell you we’ve got a whole lot of exciting app updates coming your way in Version 2 (V2).

Also, we have reopened and loaded the merch store with some fresh new gear. We have 3 new designs for your sporting pleasure. The 1st is a design done by Dan Santoro out of American House tattoo shop in Hawley, PA. It comes on a lemon yellow tee. The second is our flagship rocket which is available on both black and deep marine tees. The third and final design is our St. Patrick’s Day offering for 2019 and comes on a kelly green tee. All designs are on Port & Company’s Essential Tee. Shout out to Corey at Panther Printing Company out of Paterson, NJ for supplying all of our apparel for this round of updates. The merch store https://www.pourtourandmore.com/store/ is currently live, so check it out while supplies last. A huge shout goes out to anybody supporting us. Thank you so much. On the rise & getting better every day!

Still A New York State of More

You may have noticed that our social media posts have been focusing more on NYC lately. (Thanks for noticing!) We’re a generally Northeast-based company (many of us are from New York), to begin with, but doubling down on The Big Apple is a strategic move. We want to pick up early adopters and trendsetters to grow our PTM Experience inventory quickly and innovate based on the feedback from the innovators that are the beating heart of this cultural center.

You hear that, New Yorkers! We love you! And we need you!

We’re still available throughout the US, of course, so don’t let our shift in advertising focus deter you. If you have a passion to share, we’re here to help you grow it into a business. If you already have a business, we’re here to help you take that business to the next level, no matter where you’re located in the US.

The Socials

Please let your friends know about us and spread that PTM y’all! There is no us without y’all. Any and all support is highly valued and much appreciated. As always, find us on all your favorite socials and don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re very friendly. I promise.


After having the honor of developing this week’s newsletter, I have decided that every PTM Newsletter from now on will at least have a section written by me. I’ve been trying to think of a name for this section, but I’m drawing a blank. If y’all have any suggestions, please email them to us at [email protected] Thank you in advance.

I will conclude with a little observation. As I glance out the window while finishing up this issue of the PTM Newsletter, I must remind myself that although it is currently still snowing, Spring really is coming. So I say hang in there to all the folks like me that currently live that seasonal life haha.

Until we meet again,

-Thomas S. Reynolds (PTM Founder)

P.S. I wanted to share a little behind the scenes vid of the dove and I scooping up the new merch from Corey at Panther Printing Company LLC in Paterson, NJ. Thank you Corey! Highly recommend. Very cool location and you never know, possibly the host of a future PTM Business Tour.