Partner Perks is Here & Much More! PTM Newsletter


NYC Tours/Experiences

We are happy to say we currently have 20 PTM Experiences listed in NYC that are hosted by qualified guides. If you’re in or going to be in the NYC area, check the schedule and book yourself a PTM Experience. They all look great, so you really can’t go wrong.

And while you’re enjoying getting localized on your PTM Experience, utilize our new Partner Perks to get a discount at and support some of our favorite local NYC businesses. This, in addition to the PTM Experience, will really get you fully dipped and localized in New York City.


We are extremely pleased to offer our users Partner Perks from a growing list of local NYC businesses that we have established partnerships with. Just make sure you have the latest Pour Tour & More app update to access these free user benefits.

Looking for ways to make money while sharing your passion?

  • Create and host a PTM Experience!
  • PTM is free for hosts. Take your passion to the next level. Deepen skills by teaching, sharing, and connecting with others that share your interest in the topic or craft. Create an experience wherein you share your knowledge.
  • Maybe you’ve already been blogging about photography tips and tricks for example. That only goes so far compared to getting out there and sharing these things in practice. Invite your readers to join you in person. Stop at your favorite coffee shop along the way. Use your expertise and trained eye to select the perfect NYC spots for a photo shoot or workshop. You already know the most picturesque locations in town.

Plus, we are currently offering a $50 early adopter bonus to the first 50 new hosts that create experiences on our app (new users; subject to approval; max 1 bonus per host).

Whether you’re a first-timer, seasoned tour guide, established business, or just opened your doors, come check us out and give us the opportunity to help you launch and/or grow your business!


Policy Updates

Please check out the Privacy Polices, User Agreement, and Guidelines, if you haven’t recently, as they have been updated.

App Updates

The biggest news at the moment is the new Partner Perks update, along with updated aesthetics, Experience Creation options, and booking abilities. As a reminder, the app now has deep linking capability aka the ability to link directly to PTM Experiences from anywhere on the web. Check the bottom of your PTM Experience listing for the shareable link. This means that a host can place this link wherever they would like to promote their PTM Experience as long as a link is permitted such as Twitter, Facebook, a website, blog, etc…

We’re committed to continuous improvement, and constantly making changes, large and small, functional and aesthetic, so check the app often to see what we’ve been up to. Don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s a feature you’d love to see in a future update.

Our Mission

To be the premier app for NYC experiences, which includes supporting local businesses and artists in order to not only mutually promote one another, but to provide our users with numerous benefits in a growing community environment.

Closing Message From The Founder

Happy October, y’all! It is a very exciting time and I am very pleased with the updates and benefits that we can now offer our users with many more slated to come. We have an awesome selection of PTM Experiences to choose from covering a variety of topics in a wide range of NYC neighborhoods. Check em out and book your favorite today! And while you’re there, don’t forget to use our free Partner Perks to gain exclusive benefits and discounts from numerous local NYC businesses. I want to thank our team and all of our early adopters, as well as anyone that has shown us love and support.

As mentioned above, we are currently offering a $50 early adopter bonus to new hosts that create experiences on our app. So what are you waiting for? Our team is actively seeking hosts in NYC, so reach out to me at (458) 206-6114 or email [email protected] with any comments or questions. On the rise and getting better every day! Your success is our success. Until we meet again, keep spreading that PTM!

With kind regards,

Thomas S. Reynolds