PTM Newsletter Issue #6

NYC HOSTS WANTED! Calling all New Yorkers! If you're interested in sharing with others what you love about where you live or what you do then becoming a PTM host is an ideal way to do so. Plus, we are currently offering a $50 bonus to the first 50 new ...
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Spring is Coming (Founder’s Edition)! PTM Newsletter Issue #5

Check Out the New Website Renovation! Featured Microtour Downtown Arlington Walking Tour with Spiced Almond Beverage The featured Microtour this week is "Downtown Arlington Walking Tour with Spiced Almond Beverage", hosted by Harry! What is a spiced almond beverage? What are the best places to visit in Arlington, TX? Is ...
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New York State of More! PTM Newsletter Issue #4

HOSTS WANTED! Featured Microtour My Happy Place The featured Microtour this week is "My Happy Place", hosted by Paul! Hear about what makes his town special, and get local recommendations for what to do in this ecclectic town that is simultaneously sleepy, charming, and teeming with vibrant life. New Paltz, ...
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Happy Valentine’s Day from Pour Tour Amour! PTM Newsletter Issue #3

Featured Microtour Trustwork Bellevue, Washington This week we're grateful to feature ANOTHER Microtour from real estate powerhouse turned tech startup, Trustwork! This time the fun takes place at their Bellevue, Washington site. Analyst, Colin, is offering a half mile walk through town to the very headquarters of Trustwork! With a ...
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Where Did You Get That Impression? PTM Newsletter Issue #2

Featured Microtour Historic Newburgh Waterfront with Mike
Visit the beautiful revitalized historic Hudson river waterfront in Newburgh, NY, about 90 mins north of NYC! Mike will guide you on a brief stroll along the river and share with you his insights and recommendations for local hotspots and historical places, ...
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Welcome to the PTM Newsletter! Issue #1

Hello, and welcome to the first PTM Newsletter! ! NEW HOSTS WANTED ! See below for details on getting started creating a new income stream for you or your business, but for now...'s a quick refresher! Pour Tour & More is a marketplace for brief, satisfying, local experiences, we ...
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