Pour Tour and More (PTM) user guidelines:

Using the Pour Tour and More (PTM) platform means meeting real people and doing real things. This can sometimes lead to unexpected situations. We are not able to control what happens in the real world, and we are not responsible for it. You should use good judgement and common sense at all times especially when interacting with others.

Be respectful in all regards. People, pets, property, places, things, etc…

Pour Tour and More (PTM) does not allow 3rd party bookings.

Make sure you review all your host’s policies including house rules, itinerary, directions, and cancellation policy.

Don’t Spam. Spam is content sent to a member that is irrelevant, impersonal, unsolicited, promotional, or repetitive, and organizers may be blocked for spamming members.

Message respectfully. Please use respectful language. Using profanity in an attacking, sexual way, or in a way intended to offend people, is prohibited in Pour Tour and More (PTM) messages, profiles, reviews, descriptions, or any other area that is publicly promoted or viewable on the platform.

Don’t violate anyone’s intellectual property. We respect the intellectual property rights of others. Posting content that violates another party’s intellectual property rights is prohibited.

Always pay and communicate through the Pour Tour and More (PTM) website or app. This is the only way we can track and moderate situations.

Always leave a review. This should be seen as a member duty to ensure the quality of both the PTM community and environment. You can only leave a review after your Pour Tour and More (PTM) so you know the meeting has happened and is an actual experience.

Pricing guideline

We encourage hosts to create their own pricing. We know your time is valuable, but we hope you remain fair with pricing for both yourself and the patron. High end drinks deserve a higher price and longer PTM Experiences deserve the same. If you are including any extras please account for them inside your PTM price.

Pour Tour and More (PTM) recommendations for hosts:

We created special guidelines for our hosts. We want to help you create a glowing experience for your guests and for you to receive an equally glowing review.

Make sure the listing is up to date and accurate.

Life is full of choices, so why not make yours an easy one. Have your profile completed and use as much detail as you can. This lets guests know what can be expected.

Have an up to date address with instructions/directions on finding it.

Have a clean bathroom with soap so guests can wash their hands before enjoying their beverage. It is also recommended to have antibacterial lotion available for use.

If you have pets, make sure this is made clear on your listing so that users are aware. Your pet may love you, but not others. Not to mention, patrons may have allergies. So ensure that all safety precautions are met and adhered to prior to patron arrival and throughout the Pour Tour and More (PTM).

Try to use high quality photos to showcase certain areas of your home and views that users can expect.

Have a set of house or business rules and inform people if you want shoes off inside or smoking/vaping is allowed or not. Are pets other than service animals allowed on the PTM Experience or inside the house or business? Please inform other guests if someone will be bringing their pet. Rules should be highlighted in your listing. They can be reiterated if necessary upon arrival. We have seen a lot in our days and we know you will do your best to create your PTM rules so their will be no surprises. Make sure to mention what and where patrons will be touring and what is off limits. You may have a business office you don’t want to show. This is fine, just be up front.

We know all walks of life enjoy traveling, but please inform guests if there will be an elevator or they need to climb flights of stairs or maybe a ladder to get into your custom treehouse. If this is a walking tour please note hills and length of walking distance. Also, please advise your patrons of any potential hazards such as a hot stove or slippery floor.

Create a mini itinerary so guests will know whether they will start with a cup of coffee or start with taking photos of your Manhattan skyline view. In addition, as a host, you want to have at least a loose script of sorts that will have talking points along the way at each stop on the itinerary. This will ensure you don’t forget anything and will ease your potential nerves. All of this will improve with practice.

As a host, we encourage you to show off your likes and interests. When doing your PTM Experience, make sure to mention your homemade furniture, artwork or sculptures that you have for sale. Maybe you collect and sell exotic books. Keep a business card handy if users are interested and share your passion.

Remember, as a host, you are trying to provide patrons with the best experience possible. This will not only benefit patrons, it will also benefit you as hosts. It is a symbiotic relationship.

We recommend you create your own PDF, Google doc, or other document with all your house rules, directions, and itinerary. Send this information prior to the scheduled PTM.

Finally, if anything changes, please inform your guest as soon as possible.

Checking in with your host:

Before arriving you will have already received the address and your prep sheet of do’s and don’ts. You will be able to communicate any details via email to ensure a smooth check-in experience. Make sure to limit all communication to email in order to help aid in discrepancies. Always confirm all contact information in case of any plan changes. Make sure to inform each other if you will be without internet and or a phone or if your contact information will be changing while you are traveling.

We recommend you look up all travel advisories such as flight delays, weather restrictions, and road closures and keep in contact with your host. You may need to adjust your travel time to keep your appointment on time.

In the rare case your host is unavailable please review your itinerary and use the contact information provided in it. If you are still having problems, please contact Pour Tour and More (PTM) directly via [email protected] or call (458) 206-6114.

Can I change/alter my reservation?

We allow you to submit a change to the host. If they agree, the change is made and you may be responsible to pay the difference in price for that appointment. If the host is not accepting changes, then we are sorry but your reservation will stay the same. If you are past your reservation date and time you will not be allowed to request a change. If you used a coupon or discount code this may be voided and/or lost.

Guidelines for the Pour Tour and More (PTM) Host:

We all know there is nothing better than a hot coffee or tea in the morning and we encourage this before during or after the PTM Experience. The choice is yours. There are just a few rules and tips to take in.

Please make sure all bottles, cans, cartons, growlers, crowlers, etc are unopened. Please make sure to open them in front of your guest.

If you are brewing coffee, tea, matte, etc,  please make sure you show and explain the process to your guest.

Make sure all your cups, glasses, mugs, etc. are clean and unbroken.

Make sure all water used is clean.

Not everyone is a fast drinker and may want to take their drink with them. We encourage environmentally friendly take away cups.  

Please caution the patron if a drink is very hot or very cold.

Three Strikes Cancellation Policy For Hosts: Once a PTM Experience is confirmed, please honor that commitment. We will suspend indefinitely your ability to host PTM Experiences upon the third time you cancel a confirmed PTM Experience.


Guidelines for the Pour Tour and More (PTM) Patron:

Nobody likes a good drink more than Pour Tour and More (PTM), but we know when in someone else’s home to be respectful and follow a few simple tips.

Don’t put your drink down anywhere you want. Please ask the host if they use coasters or have a table off limits.

Be conscientious when drinking not to spill your beverage on the floor and or furniture.

Drinks may be HOT or COLD; please use caution when handling and drinking them.

Pour Tour and More (PTM) Member Restrictions

We take privacy seriously here and have strict rules to follow. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any account, or limit access to certain features, for any reason, at our sole discretion.

Pour Tour and More (PTM) hosts and patrons must be at least 18 years of age.

Pour Tour and More (PTM) may remove certain members when we become aware that the member is a convicted sex offender or has been convicted of a violent, fraudulent, or dangerous crime. Pour Tour and More (PTM) may also remove a member based on their criminal record, for safety, or for other concerns. Members with concerns about criminal or illegal activity should always report it to local authorities.

If you break the Rules, we may suspend or terminate your account.