What is a PTM Microtour?

For Hosts

To host a PTM Microtour is an opportunity to share your world and meet curious new people, and make money in the process. This can be done in three main ways: a Home Tour, a Business Tour, or a Walking Tour. You are also welcome to combine these types of tours for a more complete local experience. All tours are limited to 3 hours or less in duration, and must include a beverage. This can be a host favorite, even if it’s not produced locally.

For Guests

As a guest on a PTM Microtour, you’ll be invited to taste the local experience in a way that conventional tourism can’t match. You’ll hear first-hand from the people whom live and do business in an area about life in that area. You’ll try a beverage they love, maybe at the very place where it’s produced. You’ll connect with the people, the area, and the stories, and get localized in a unique way, in 3 hours or less.

Home Tours


For Hosts

A Home Tour is an opportunity to invite a guest into your home for a beverage and some stories. They are there because they want to experience how people from your area live. What makes your home interesting? Show them around. How is it different from where they’re from? What’s something they might not know or expect or find in a travel brochure about life in your area? What do you love about your city or town?

For Guests

A Home Tour is an opportunity to connect with people and places in an intimate way, sharing a drink with and hearing the stories of the people that live there.

Business Tours


For Hosts

A Business Tour is an opportunity to connect with customers, and give them an intimate behind the scenes experience that will inspire them about you and your brand on a personal level. It’s also an opportunity for presales, to offer discounts or other valuable incentives to build a relationship with your business. Even being listed on our platform is a free form of advertising and extra visibility for your business.

For Guests

A Business Tour is an opportunity to get an insider perspective on an establishment you have been meaning to visit, or already love.

Walking Tours


For Hosts

A Walking Tour is similar to a Home Tour, but outside the home. What are you passionate about in your area? What do you wish people knew more about, or just think would be really cool to show new people? Visit a monument and explain why it’s important to you. Share your world and your personal local perspective on a neighborhood or landmark. Take a walk and tell a funny or heart-warming story from your life in the place where it happened. Don’t forget to stop for a beverage, perhaps in coffee shop, along the way.

For Guests

A Walking Tour is an opportunity to stretch your legs and take in a perspective on a place that might not otherwise be available to you.

Artist Series

Throughout the year, PTM will feature an artist in our Artist Series. This will be an opportunity for artists to showcase their work in collaboration with PTM branding in the form of PTM Merchandise available in our Merch Store, where we offer a variety of exciting items.

For our inaugural installment of the artist series, and to celebrate the brand new PTM App, we featured world-renowned Artist and Tattooist, Dan Santoro! (As seen on VICE)


1. Schedule your PTM Microtour!

PTM Microtours are 3 hours or less and are made up of 3 parts to get you localized. The 1st is the Pour, the 2nd the Tour, and the 3rd the More. The combination of which gives guests a brief and satisfying experience of a new taste, new place, and new people. Use Pour Tour & More to find the perfect local experience in the place you want to visit.


2. Quench your curiosity!

The Pour: partake in your host’s favorite beverage.
The Tour: your host will invite you on a tour of their home, business, and/or surrounding area.
The More: expect to hear great stories, local recommendations, and even begin a lasting friendship.


1. Create your own PTM Microtour!

Create a PTM Microtour describing what kind of local flavors and experiences you want to offer. PTM Microtours can be of your home or business, the surrounding area and your home or business, or just the surrounding area.


2. Share your world!

Host PTM Microtours and share what you love about the place you live, whether you have a historic home or business, a great view, or tell amazing stories about where you call home. And, keep in mind that with any PTM there's always the possibility of making a life long friend.


3. Get paid! Feel the love!

In addition to sharing your love of great beverages and local experiences with curious travelers, hosts set the price and time for their PTM Microtours. PTM Microtours are great opportunities for professional networking and business promotion. Let's not forget, we pay it forward. A percentage of our profits will go to charity.

Our Mission:

To unite people from all over the world through understanding, mutual benefit, and shared interest.

Our Contribution:

At Pour Tour and More LLC, it’s important to us to leave the world a better place than we found it, both in travel and in business. As such, we’ve committed to donate 2% of our profits to causes we believe in. The current list of charities includes:

Discover the place
they know best.
Share the beverage
they love most.
And listen to their stories.